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NM Feng Shui Consultancy is established by Natalia Markou, a trained Feng Shui practitioner at the Feng Shui Research Center of Greece, by certified teacher Takis Karayiannopoulos, official representer of FSRC established by the renowned Master Joseph Yu. Also a certified graduate of Flying Star Feng Shui course at Heluo Qi Explorations Netherlands. Natalia Markou with her extensive studies and experience in the Chinese metaphysics, has helped clients from all over the world.


A few of the Chinese metaphysical studies she attended over the years are:

FSRC Module 1-2 2011
FSRC Module 3-4 2011

Flying Star Feng Shui 2015

Business Feng Shui 2015/2021

Water Methods 2015

Master Feng Shui 2015

Peach Blossom 2021

Xuan Kong Da Gua 2021

Heavenly Mirror Stars 2021

Ze Ri Xuan Date Selection 1-3 2021

Practised Techniques:

Xuan Kong Fei Xing -玄空飛星 (Flying Stars)  
Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦
Water Methods  河洛水法

Tian Ti Jing       天體鏡    

Ze Ri Xuan        擇日選

The services of Ze Ri Xuan date selection and Peach Blossom consultations are offered to clients all over the world as there is no need for physical visitation at your space.

For Feng Shui services a visit at your space is required and it is currently offered to clients in Cyprus, Greece, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. For any other locations please contact us.

For queries or to request an appointment you can send a message here or book a FREE 30 minutes online meeting here.

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