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Enter the Flow of Abundance!

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50% OFF

One Time Offer!

Pay for 3 and Get 6  Months
of Personalized Good and Bad Days Calendar!  

Save 50% from Your Order Today!


*Offer Available for a Limited Period of Time 

OFFER ENDS on 31st of December 2022

Order Today your Personalised
Ze Ri Xuan Date Selection Calendar

DON'T MISS THIS ONE TIME opportunity to order
your own personalized ze ri xuan calendar today
and save 50% ON total price!


If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer working on your own terms, having your own personalized Ze Ri Xuan date selection calendar is a must!
It will be your secret power running your business successfully, taking everyday decisions with confidence.

The secret to success used for thousands of years by Chinese emperors and all successful powerful people in Asia to run their empires!

They never left anything to chance... 
Why would You?!

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What is Date Selection is short?

Date selection equates to choosing the most ‘fertile’ time

for planting the seeds of action for a promising harvest.

Decisions like when should I meet my new client to be most successful in closing the deal w. Or when to send your proposal to get a positive response.Or when is the best time to launch your marketing campaigns so to have success and more sales. Decisions for making payments, signing contracts or hiring personnel will be piece of cake!How is this ever possible you will wonder? Because by using your personal date selection calendar choosing the best days for you will guarantee that nothing will get in your way as on an auspicious day you are aligned and perfectly supported by the universe.The answer relies in the Schedule important meetings with the bank, lawyers and partners.Avoiding your disaster days, and taking action on important matters on your auspicious days, you will experience an increase in your income and opportunities. Launched campaigns will be more successful, and any money spent on your auspicious days will be returned to you.


The Ze Ri Xuan Calendar is prepared based on your birthday details using the original calculating techniques the Chinese Feng Shui masters used to advise the great Chinese emperors when they were looking to take action on important matters when ruling their empires.


The science behind this has to do with your electromagnetic field, and how it interacts with the electromagnetic energies of Earth and the Cosmic energy (Qi). When your electromagnetic field is in alignment with that of Earth's and the Cosmic Qi then everything goes smoothly for you. When the opposite happens you are in misalignment with the Earth's and Cosmic Qi, and however hard you try, you will experience delays, loss and broken relationships.

Don't leave things to chance!

Take control and make 2023 your best year ever!


We all have experienced bad days where not a single thing falls into place, in spite of our utmost care and preparation. We can't believe that all we have carefully planned for, where for nothing.

The reason behind these misfortunes is that on such days you weren't aligned with the Cosmic Qi and Earth's Qi (electromagnetic energy). Because of this misalignment there was resistance, which created obstacles, delays and opposition to your experience and activity.

Ze Ri Xuan Date Selection is an ancient Chinese technique that identifies a person's future bad and best days. Having one of your own will help you avoid delays and problems with your endeavours or lose money.

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By planning your days, weeks and upcoming months, according to your auspicious days, you can only have success while avoiding delays, loss of money and bad deals! 

As an everyday tool, it can help you achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest by taking advantage of the universe's energy when is the most supportive to you!

When you start using your Ze Ri Xuan Calendar to do your payments, closing deals, signing contracts, etc, your connection becomes stronger and more aligned to 'abundance flow', rewarding you faster and faster, returning your energy back in the form of money, good relationships, and gifts.

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, you can expect increase in sales, new clients, strong relationships, issues revealed to you early on saving you from committing to bad deals! If you are an employee you can see your energy reciprocated in the form of bonuses, unexpected gifts, discounts, salary increase, new job offers, harmonic relationships and many more ways!

Here is what you'll get

When you place your order, you will receive an email to send us your birthday details. Your birthday details will be used to calculate the bad and best energetically days for you for the next six (6) months. 

All calculations are accurately done by our certified Ze Ri Xuan and Feng Shui consultants, prepared in an easy to read and to use pdf calendar. In the file you can see your personal day clashes, harmonic days, and best hours in each day to know when to act.

In addition, as a bonus seven (7) different Stars (energies) will be calculated based on your birthday, for you to use  during these months with detailed descriptions for each one and the activity they support. 

The six Stars (energies) are, 

  1. Prosperity Star

  2. Heavenly Nobleman Star

  3. Resolving Problems Star

  4. Heavenly Doctor Star

  5. Happy Spirit Star

  6. Heavenly Horse Star and

  7. Decision Star

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Also when you place your order during this offer you receive a 15% discount code for your next order!

As soon as you receive your personal Ze Ri Xuan Calendar, start using it so to see fast results and get into the flow of abundance. By knowing in advance which days and times are draining you, you will be one step ahead, by avoiding them.

 Order your Personal Ze Ri Xuan Calendar

and see your life shift to abundance! 


OFFER ENDS on 25th of December 2022

Start living in alignment with your flow of abundance!


How to use ze ri XUAN calendar?

It is said “all that starts well ends well”.

So if you use an auspicious date and time to start a new venture such as buying a new house, having a wedding, or an important meeting, then it is bound to give you an energetical support, while removing any obstacles or delays.

Order Today Your Personal Ze Ri Xuan Date Selection Calendar and use it to:


✅ Plan your payments only on your auspicious days and see how the universe returns it back to you through monetary sources, gifts, discounts or positive relationships.

✅ Sell your property, and items faster by posting your ads only on your good days and time.


✅ Schedule your move to your new home or office.

✅ Hire personnel.

✅ Sign contracts.

✅ Start a partnership.

✅ Deal with legal matters.

✅ Settling a pending matter.

✅ Make investments or deal with the stock market.

✅ Engagement dates.

✅ Start a Renovation or building project.

✅ Schedule important meetings with your clients, lawyers or family.

✅ Choose a good day for you to have a celebration or a family gathering.

Schedule a surgery, a doctor's appointment, or start a therapy.

✅ Launch a marketing campaign or new service.

✅ Launch a new business or product.

✅ Conducting events.

✅ Long-distance traveling.

 Booking air tickets and hotels.

✅ Romantic dates.

✅ Spending big amounts of money.

✅ Buy electronics or machinery on a good day and avoid dysfunctional products. 

✅ Best days to view, make an offer and buy land, flat, house or a commercial space.

✅ Sending job applications and having job interviews.

✅ To apply Feng Shui remedies in your space.


Know what each day has in store for you!

Get your MONTHLY personal 

Ze Ri calendar for HALF the price!


Using the Ze Ri Xuan calendar to navigate your every day life acts as a support system to your decisions and goals. Ze Ri Xuan calendar helps you take decisions with confidence without a second thought if that will be a good day and time to do that.

You know the result will be positive without any surprises. You know that the money you are paying for your bills and purchases are not lost and will come back to you in many different ways.

Taking the decision to order your own personalized date selection calendar, is a precious gift to yourself, and shows your commitment to your journey's success. You understand that we are more than our physical bodies, and that greater powers are in constant interaction with us.


Don't miss this rare opportunity to try it yourself and see the benefits of using a personalized Ze Ri Xuan date selection calendar.


There is no catch in this offer and no hidden costs. It's a one time offer to celebrate the end of the year and the coming of the new one.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to navigate their everyday lives with certainty and confidence.

The offer is to help more people align themselves to their abundant paths and see from first hand the power of a personalized date selection calendar and its amazing results!

The offer is running for a limited period of time for the reason that as soon as the offer ends, we'll be busy preparing the calendars for all the people who have claimed their discount and will want to receive their calendars ASAP to start using them.  

After the offer ends prices will go back to their original price.

So don't miss this rare opportunity to experience the power of ancient Chinese metaphysics in your life for half the price!


In addition to our 50% discount offer you will receive the following Bonuses:

✅ Receive a 15% Discount Code to use for your next order

✅ An additional 7 Star energies analysis for each month!
We will add in your calendar the following Stars (Energies) for you:


  1. Prosperity Star

  2. Decision Star

  3. Happy Spirit Star

  4. Resolving Problems Star

  5. Heavenly Doctor Star

  6. Heavenly Nobleman Star

  7. Heavenly Horse Star

    FREE Wealth Star Activation Technique

50% OFF

Align Yourself to the Universe's Flow!
& Enjoy an Abundant Life!


Ze Ri Xuan is an ancient Chinese date selection technique used by the Chinese emperors to guide them in choosing auspicious days to govern their empires. From selecting the best days for their war expedition to conception days of their heirs.

Chinese people always engage a Master to choose an auspicious time and day for holding major events that affect their life, fortunes and success, such as marriage, business opening, building projects, etc.

In recent years, more and more property developers invite a well versed Ze Ri and Feng Shui master to select and advise them for the best timing to start a construction, launch sales and sign contracts. 

In Chinese tradition, date selection is a matter of great importance that cannot be neglected. The geomancy master shall select an auspicious day and timing to hold the event according to the birthday of the concerned party.

By avoiding bad timing, it is much anticipated that the activity carried out will be smooth going, the married will find love in each other and grow old gracefully together, business will be profitable with abundant inflow of wealth and construction project will progress smoothly.




The Ze Ri Xuan Date Selection Calendar is the perfect gift to you and your loved ones to bring wealth and harmonic relationships.


I could not believe how easy it is to use the calendar, and how fast the results came back to me after using it only for a few weeks! I started receiving free products and discounts from shops, and even got a gift from my mother in law which surprised me as she never used to give me any in the past!

Mary Heath

Don't leave things to chance!

Take back control of your life and navigate your every day with confidence


What will I receive for my order?

You will receive by email a six (6) months beautifully presented calendar in digital form. This will allow you to print it, store it on your phone or computer giving you easy access and reference during the day or when planning your schedule for the upcoming months and weeks. The calendar shows clearly your good and bad days.

When will I receive my Ze Ri Xuan calendar after I place my order?

When you place your order for your personal Ze Ri Xuan calendar, allow at least 2 to 3 weeks time before you receive it. The calendar is not auto-generated by any software or application. All calculations are done by hand, manually applying all the Ancient Chinese formulas using your birth day details.

In which format does my calendar comes in?

Your personalized Ze Ri Xuan calendar is emailed to you in a pdf format, which is easy to print, save it on your mobile phone or computer.

How can I contact you if I have any queries regarding my Ze Ri Xuan calendar?

After you receive your Ze Ri Xuan calendar you can contact NM Feng Shui Consulntancy with any queries you may have at our email

Can I have a refund?

If you changed your mind after you placed your order and you did not receive the calendar or a notification that we started working on it, you are eligible to receive a full refund on your purchase.

How long will it take for me to see results when I start using the calendar?

When you start using your personalized Ze Ri Xuan calendar, and acting only on your auspicious times and days, it will take between 3 weeks to 3 months to start seeing results. Allow at least 3 months before you see any results, but usually abundance and harmony come much earlier. 

Avoid the disaster days and all the days out of alignment with your CHI

Stay one step ahead and plan all your important purchases
and activities only on your auspicious days.

Stay in alignment with your personal CHi flow
and watch the universe returning back to you all your efforts and energy,
in the form of gifts, discounts, money and harmonious relatioships.



Your Personal Ze Ri Xuan Calendar


See Your Efforts Come Back in Multiples!

Get Today Your 50% Discount Voucher!

ZRX Offer-min-2-2_edited.png


One Time Offer!



*Offer Available for a Limited Period of Time  or
Until Maximum Number of 100 Orders Reached

OFFER ENDS on 25th of December 2022

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